LaserTrainer in use at Thialf Heerenveen


The Laser Trainer has completed the last stage of development. Three years of intensive work together with the InnoSport Lab on the hardware and software of a laser light moving in front of the athlete to help him realise his training- and competition targets are finally being rewarded.


These have been the chief milestones:

  • realisation of a successful trial at the the world famous ice skating stadium Thialf at Heerenveen with six lasers
  • the development of a user interface for:
  • inner lane
  • outer lane
  • the 500 meter track
  • the 1.000 meter track
  • the 1.500 meter track
  • the 3.000 meter track
  • the 5.000 meter track
  • the 10.000 meter track
  • the development of a correction and calibration system for precise track paths
  • the development of a distance dependent control of laser light brightness
  • an accuracy of 3/100 sec.


Experience was further gained in system accuracy and repeatability of the applied components. On this point a successful second test session has been completed in which the possibility for a high end product was envisaged. Moreover, the laserspotlight turned out to be quite attractive for recreational use. The final development of the LaserTrainer has been effected in 2010 and the LaserTrainer can be put on the market. These last steps contained namely:


  • increasing the repeatability
  • improvement of the housing
  • wireless and LAN network operation


Finally we are looking for funds to work on:

  • evaluation of some additional software components for: track and field, cycling and inline skating applications
  • a more dynamic location of the spot for visualising the desired curve approach
  • to easily program and project advertisements

Again LaserTrainer nomination


The LaserTrainer has been nominated for the Dutch National Sport Innovation Contest 2010.

After the nomination for the Lightaward 2007 of the Nederlandse Stichting van Verlichtingskunde with the idea of the LaserTrainer, now also the execution and the lay-out has been nominated.


Trainer/coaches of topskaters are using LaserTrainer


Gerard Kemkers of the TVM skatingteam

Jac Orie of the Control skatingteam

Peter Kolder of the Liga skatingteam

Aart van der Wulp of the InnoSportLab Thialf


have introduced the LaserTrainer in the setup of individual tracktime training and the accompaniment of their topskaters in 2011.

The first results are very encouraging and the many sophisticated features for individual and collective scheme's of the programm shall be deepened during the season.


In a graduation april 2011 at the University of Eindhoven Pakwing Man succeeds to use the LaserTrainer remote-controlled as a pointer, an indicator and message instrument for coaches and trainers. At the end of his presentation his professor wrote with his finger on a tablet "good" which was immediately projected by the LaserTrainer on the projection screen in his writing.


The LaserTrainer has been incorporated in the specifications of 2013 for the new icedome in Almere Netherlands near Amsterdam that is going to be realised in 2016. The LaserTrainer is specified for the 400 m skating rink as well as the short-track circuit.


In juni 2013 the first LaserTrainer application at Thialf Heerenveen could be re-certified 6 years after the first installation, development and tests without failure of the equipment.


In 2014 a doctoral degree research is taken place in Thialf Heerenveen with the LaserTrainer by Roy M.C. Mulder Msc. of the department of kinesologics of the Free University of Amsterdam. Research is done to the determination of the "critical speed" in tests of 2 x 12 minutes with constant speed, which is raised afterwards. The accompaniment of the constant speed of the skater during the test can be done superb with the lightspot of the LaserTrainer.