LaserTrainer software


The LaserTrainer software can be controlled with a laptop computer in a network with the LaserTrainers. The sofware conducts the lasers through a LAN network. The coaches are able to adjust the speeds and lap times while standing on the ice with a wireless connection to the laptop.


The LaserTrainer consists of three programs.


- LaserTrainer Display

- LaserTrainer Sport

- LaserTrainer Control


LaserTrainer Display (LTDisplay)

This program projects and follows the training and racing schedules made in LTSport.


LaserTrainerSport (LTSport)

With this program the user can make either a simple or a more complex training or gameschedule. Before the user can make a training schedule, the dimensions of the icerink need to be entered into LTControl.


LaserTrainer Control (LTControl)

This program accompanies the installation of the LaserTrainer by registering the local parameters ( icerink, positions, safety zones etc.). It's use is limited to the authorised installation company of the LaserTrainer.