Unbeatable advantages for coaches and athletes! The LaserTrainer is a laser spot-light which the athlete can follow during his practice- and trainingsessions. The spotlight works like an optical pacemaker enabling the athlete to perform personalised training schedules that can be adjusted in time, acceleration and interval. Thus the athlete will immediatly notice any deviation from his schedule and adept his performance. The LaserTrainers allows coaches to establish personalised training schedules projected on the track for the athlete to see.







Systems that mark positions with laserbeams have already been in use for some time. The best known is the laserpen that has replaced the schoolteacher's pointer. However the introduction of laser-light in athletics is a novelty.The core of the system is a 500 mW laser diode projecting a compressed, green lightbeam on two mirrors driven by one horizontal and one vertical movable galvanometer scanner. The laser-beam projects an oval spot of about 10 centimeters on the track. Using a wi-fi or LAN network several LaserTrainers can operate in succession so as to project the laserbeam on the entire track.









The LaserTrainer was developed not just for use after dark. With its green (532 nm) colour the spotlight remains visible even in subdued sunlight. Special requirements for safety are required for usage under these circumstances.




Apart from their numerous advantages laser beams may be harmful to eyes and skin. The LaserTrainer uses a laser with a wavelength of 532 nM in the the visible range. With its 3b security classification some security precautions have to be taken. In an environment that has no experience with lasers these dangers are easily minimised. Application of the LaserTrainere calls for the professional expertise of both installers and the user and exper guidance during construction and use.



For use in an open space a laser system has to comply with the AEL (Accessible Emission Limit) c.q MPE (Maximum Permissable Exposure) and must be less than 25.6 W/m2 at an eye reflex of t = 0,25 seconds. A Gaussical intensity profile of the beam is taken on the basis of an 8 mm. interior portion of the beam corresponding to the opening of the pupil of the human eye. By pulsating the lightsource within the permitted value of the eye reflex the intensity of the beam is regulated by software for each distance within the permitted security limits of class 2 lasers.


The security package of the LaserTrainer is completed by three hardware security systems in the case of computer failure. The LaserTrainer meets the testing requirements according to both EN 60825 and US standards.






Features and applications





Time gets a new dimension with the LaserTrainer. Normally, time is registered and communicated after the performance at the end of the race or at the end of a round. The LaserTrainer continuously projects target times on the track in front of the athlete. Thus the athlete is encouraged in an anticipatory manner and improve his performance. This is the LaserTrainer's unique advantage and strenght.


Sven Kramer effect


Some events require lane switches during the track to be covered. After Dutch skater Sven Kramer took the wrong lane during his 10.000 m. race at the 2010 Vancouver-Olympics he was disqualified though he finished with the best time. Obviously such a mishap would never have occurred if the LaserTrainer would have indicated the correct lane to choose.


  • time training
  • speed training
  • interval training
  • Fartlektraining
  • pyramid training
  • zigzag training


Assembly and specifications


In general, the LaserTrainer can be mounted on the existing light poles around the track or against structures around the track. In order to reduce the charge on pole constructions the LaserTrainer has been fitted in a compact housing measuring 600 (l) x 400 (w) x 200 (d) mm weighing about 30 kilos. Depending on the height, assembly and mounting options the LaserTrainer remains within the permitted windexposure. A mounting heights between 12 and 15 m. will enable sufficiently steep beam angles. The LaserTrainer requires connection to 230 V, 50 Hz on a commutable line feed for a capacity of only 100 Watt per unit. Control is either by LAN cable or wi-fi. The system can be used under temperatures ranging from -10 degrees C up to + 40 degrees C.





The LaserTrainer is a complete system provided standard with the required security systems. The sophisticated software has numerous useful practical functions for personalised schedules by the user. In addition there are some optional possibilities:


  • beamer for projection of the coach's screen data on a projection screen for the benefit of the athlete each time he passes.
  • laser logo for the projection on the track of the name of the accommodation or the sponsor


Training-/ competition applications


  • track and field
  • speed skating
  • cycle racing
  • football
  • hockey
  • swimming
  • to mark the ideal course and speed in race-circuits
  • to mark the courses for events such as: free program / short program at figure skating; riding contests, training etcetera
  • to accompany warming-ups
  • to mark previous records





For its concept of the LaserTrainer Oostendorp Beheer

b.v. was nominated by the NSVV ( Dutch Lighting

Association) for the Dutch Light Award on 8 November



For concept and performance the LaserTrainer

Oostendorp Beheer b.v. was nominated for the NSIP (

National Sprt Innovation Award) on 1 November 2010.