Safety of the laser


Apart from the advantages of powerful parallel light beams, the use of lasers may cause harm to eyes and skin. The laser that is used in the LaserTrainer has a wavelength of 532 nM in the visible range and a 3b security classification. This means that security precautions have to be taken. For a user environment with limited laser experience, these dangers should not to be underestimated. Therefore, the installation of the LaserTrainer calls for expert engineers and supervision. Moreover, the LaserTrainer should only be operated after thorough instruction.


Software safety


LTControl for maximum/minimum intensity of the spot

With the LTControl programme, the laser beam's maximum intensity is regulated to operate within MPE (Maximum Permissable Exposure) security limits. These MPE intensities have been adjusted for the maximum and minimal distances of the projected laser spot. All of the laserspot's distances between these minimum and maximum intensities are interpolated. As a result, all intensities are labelled to safe MPE values. Thus, LTDisplay projects all points within established safety margins.


LTSport calculates safe positions

The LTSport programme calculates the points to be projected. In principle, these are potential danger points. With LTDisplay, only the designated points on the track can be projected, while the rest of the accommodation is protected against direct laser light.


LTDisplay STOP

By pushing the STOP button on the LTDisplay execution screen, the execution of a schedule can be shut off immediatly.





Hardware safety


Safety card

The LaserTrainer is provided with an EN 60825 laser scan safety card. This security card permanently monitors the current positions of the scanners on which the projection mirrors are mounted and compares these positions with the target values of the schedule calculation. Whenever the scanners do not react or move to slowly with respect to these values within 40 ms., the laser shuts off. The card does not prevent a stationary laser spot or a slow projection pattern. The security card prevents the unintended overshooting of MPE values at places not calculated by the schedule program that are caused by scanner deviations.



The LaserTrainer is provided with an electro/mechanical light shutter which interrupts the laser beam. In combination with an external emergency switch, this offers the highest security by mechanically closing the beam before leaving the enclosure.


Emergency switch

The LaserTrainers are connected on the emergency switch, which disconnects the physical network connection to all LaserTrainers in operation. The switch is provided with a key, which allows only qualified personnel to operate the system.