The hardware


In order to cover an entire icetrack 8 LaserTrainers are minimal needed.


Below, a photograph of Thialf Ice stadium at Heerenveen



Below, a mounted LaserTrainer.


The enclosure is made of solid fibre glass reinforced unsaturated polyester housing with zinc-plated sheet steel mounting plate; dimensions 400 (w) x 600 (h) x 200 (d) mm.; with revolving door; colour RAL 7035; protection category IP 65; connection 230 V 50 Hz.


A closed loop temperature control prevents condensation and overheating in the enclosure so that a high repeatability of the control of the beam can be achieved. The high protection category of the enclosure guarantees a dust free, low-maintenance operation for the mirrors projecting the light beam.


Below, a photograph of the projection view of the LaserTrainer.